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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

the motivation of the NON BLOGGER 

So in the past few days since I've coined the phrase NON-BLOGGER (TM pending), I've tested it out on a number of subjects. My results so far:

Amy = success. Blogged soon after being labeled NON BLOGGER.

Kayla = success. Blogged within hours of being labeled a NON BLOGGER.

Jeni = pending. Has been labeled NON BLOGGER and also Matt has been informed about the situation.

I encourage you to try the same on your NON BLOGGER friends. Please post results and/or comments and/or questions in the comment section.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

God said to Noah, there's going to be a floody, floody, get those animals on the arky, arky, children of the Lord 

Monday, April 26, 2004

Bargain Shopping and Metrosexuality 

So on Sat I ventured into Ross. A quick-becoming favorite place to buy clothes. Cheap prices, designer names.

But aside from my bargains that I attained.

Let's move on to the subject of men and laundry. Unlike most men, in general, I am capable of doing my own laundry. Ever since the age of around 10 or 12 I have known how to do laundry. More out of curiosity than necessity, I assume my mother would have still done the deed into my college years if I wanted. But nonetheless, once I had learned my mother expected me to do it on my own. Hence independence and self-reliance in the manner of laundry.
But like most men who do, do their own laundry, I am not one to separate whites, and colors and such. All goes in, all comes out, minus a few socks, never of the same type but leaving behind orphans (as all dryers do). Really the only "sorting" I do is the separation of warms, and colds, as I have ruined many a articles of clothing over the years, by not heeding the temperature warnings.

But back to my shopping trip. As I was admiring my clothes once home, I took a gander to see if they all could be heaped into the same load or if any of my clothes would have to have special care taken to them. As I noticed most all of the pieces of clothes I bought were COLD wash ONLY. Bummer, now I have to think, otherwise I will ruin yet another new, favorite article of clothing. But tonight as I sat on my floor separating my colds from everything else, I noticed one of the new shirts in particular. It said, [taken directly from tag] "100% Cotton / HAND WASH COLD SEPARATELY / DO NOT BLEACH / HANG DRY / USE COOL IRON {and then the corresponding symbols, such as the hand in a bucket, a large triangle with lines through it, a iron with a dot in the middle, you know such universal signs as "the finger" and the universal sign for "impacted stool" not to be confused with the index finger curled as if making a pirate hook}". THIS CAUGHT ME TOTALLY OFF GUARD.


What am I metro-man, or June Cleaver, I hardly have time to wipe my own butt, yet alone take such care to a shirt, (yet may I add the exquisite comfort and style which this shirt has, a look and feel of linen, but the fabric and sturdiness of cotton, HOW AMAZING) what's a boy to do.

I ponder the question, now that I own a shirt that requires such delicate care, does that catapult me into the category of "METRO"????

I guess this means I need to clean the bathroom sink BEFORE I wash my shirt in it. More lameness. This is only getting worse and worse.

"Help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope!"

Sunday, April 25, 2004


I am hereby coining the phrase "Non-Blogger"
This term is to be applied to anyone who slacks in blogging for over 5 consecutive days.
It can be used in a playful/demeaning way.
ie "Hey you Non-blogger, what's your problem", "Seriously non-blogger, can't you do anything right", "Stop being such a non-blogger", etc. Use your imagination.

Feel free to spread the phrase around the blogging community and we all know these people (myself included) who fall into this category. I think it could even become a unifying term, a phrase of motivation if you will, who would want to be stamped NON-BLOGGER in their comments section for all to see.

Do with it as you please, but if a few weeks from now you see a influx of people using Non-Blogger you know where it came from.

Friday, April 23, 2004

If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts 

I'm wondering if I am the only person who does this.
But first let me make a slight obvious observation. We as humans see the world from 1st person, there only time we actually get a sense of self-actulization is when we are looking in a mirror or seeing our selves on film. True enough, right?
Well why is it that I (and let me know if you as well), when recalling events or past memories, seem to have the tendency to picture the event or memory in 3rd person, where by I can see my whole self within the moment?? Quite an interesting thought, as if I was somehow able to gain perspective, like in a movie where they are doing the flashback thing, but then they cut to a shot over the person's shoulder seeing the memory, but in all actuality there is no way we could remember such a thing because our only way of perceiving the world is through 1st person.
Quite an interesting enigma. But I find it quite amusing at the same time.
Maybe it is the influence of all the movies that I have seen, that compels me to want to relive my life's memories in 3rd person, that somehow subconsciously, if I recall my memories in 3rd person like the movies then it will be all the more special, just like when the movies have their flashback sequences that inflict so much emotion.

Leave a comment and tell me if I'm whacked or if you do the same thing too.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Spring Sing 

just because the world needs to see more of Kevin Hampton's butt
and I wanted to put a picture on my blog

photo taken at the annual Spring Sing that UCLA holds every year
*tyrone wells is playing this year, in liu of Stafford, my friend Mark Chipello's band

And I Quote 

My co-worker Joe said this about me.

"For an asian guy, you're not very asian"

Enough said...

G-mail...not to be confused with g-strings 

So apparently if you are a blogger user: Here's the skinny, since blogger and google are associated, most blogger users are being invited to try the beta version of the long awaited, cutting edge, Google Email service.
I signed up and my new email address is andrewseely@gmail.com not to be confused with my current email of andrewseely@email.com
I will still use the email.com address as my primary inbox, but feel free to send messages to the other account.
Just thought I'd let you know.

A quickie 

Shame shame shame...my valid excuse transmogrified into procrastination.

Mexico was such an enriching experience for me this year, not so much in the personal growth area (spiritually) but more in the area of relational ministry. Over the last few months I have deeply desired to be able to spend quality time with all these kids, who's lives I am invested in, but never can manage to find time to actively invest in. Such a frustrating situation. I believe the apex of ministry relies on the personal time building and cultivating relationships; and my self analyzation is that of neglecting to spend the time it takes to do such a thing, being around on Sunday nights is not sufficient to produce the depth of what I feel called to do, and to do it well. Mexico provided a glimpse of that reality. A full week of spending time with the kids was a perfect opportunity to set myself up to the challenge of being committed to the kids. The only downfall was the incessant pull of tiredness and wanting personal time, that a few times I felt the deception of the Evil One trying to convince me to not be self sacrificing and to be selfish. After a week of demanding physical labor and a knarly sunburn, I felt refreshed (for the most part, lacking the burnout, but still feeling the physical tiredness) and ready to return to the daily grind.

As for the rest of life, I am quickly fading, such as a wisp of smoke into the air. Quickly dissolved by the passing air, swirling and twisting. I can't find the time to work out, or train, or to spend quality time with friends, and when I do it is always at the expense of sleep, but I struggle between the necessary social interaction and the physical wear that I am torturing my body with. An awful pit of sloth and slugglishness I have placed myself into.

I'm still in a purgatory of waiting. Not knowing when I am to be moved from this quagmire of perplextion.

On a side note, I think I have finally made the decision to move back to my Mom's house, as my financial situation is seeming to not allow me to continue to reside in my current residence. I only now have to let my roommates know that I am planning on leaving. Oh the joys of a month to month lease. Mentally it is a step down from where I am now, and I will seem to me as a loss of independence, but I have come to the conclusion that it will be the best thing for now.

I have found my life fairly bland lately and have nor the ideas of interesting topics of blogging, pre-apologies for the infrequency of the posts, but I will do my best to be a bit more regular.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

looking for sanity - have you seen any - BIG reward, please call 1-900-... 

My week is finally coming to a close, today was the last day of work prior to a week and a half before I have to go back. Monday April 12th is the return date.
I really need the break. Tomorrow is busy even though I don't have to work. I have laundry to do, packing to do, I really want to make it to the gym and a few other things. I'm not really sure if I can muster the strength to do it all. Sleep seems like such a wonderful calling.
The wedding on sat will be a good break and I really am looking forward to spending the time in Mexico building the houses with the High Schoolers.
1 I need to do the service, working all the time leaves little time to serve others, and
2 I have felt recently (the last 6 or 7 months) felt that I am cheating the High Schoolers, since I don't get to spend as much quality relational time with them as I'd like and
3 I just plain need not to work any more, granted that's all I'll pretty much be doing is working but it's not work, work, if you know what I mean.

Here's the slight dilemma, for any of you who read this, I still need to fundraise for this trip, not to cover the actual cost of the trip but to subsidize not working for the week. I hate to ask but if you or anyone you know would like to financially support me it would be fantastic, otherwise prayer support would be just as valuable. I need to raise around $400 to cover not working for the week to pay my bills. So if you or anyone you know would like to make a contribution towards the cause, it would mean so much to me. As little as 10 bucks would be helpful. I figure posting this on my blog might be a good way to reach people, if I can properly use the theory of six degrees of separation (not six degrees of Kevin Bacon, very fun and interesting but not the same) to reach a lot of people I don't know, then I might be able to raise more money. If you would at least pass on the word through actual human contact or by blog that would help me out a lot. As for when I need the money, I don't necessarily need it wired to my account today, but if it would trickle in over the next week or 2 weeks that would make life a lot easier.

If you or someone you know does want to make a contribution please make checks out to
Andrew Seely
and send them to
15738 Mayall St
North Hills CA 91343

As far as I know any donations are tax deductible.
Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.

On another note, I love that it rained for a while today. Rain + Jamba Juice = slow work day. The time to relax and not have smoothie coming out of my ears was a nice change of pace for once. I really can't remember when the store was as slow as it was today. People were easy going and there didn't seem to be too much conflict or people being frustrated because we were busy, but there was a nice atmosphere and good attitudes, which makes the day go so much faster and seem that much easier.

Obviously I won't be able to post for about a week's worth of time, this time I have a valid excuse not like last time where I didn't post for such a long time, that was due to sheer sloth, this time I have an excuse.