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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hobo-bloggers unite 

I'll be MIA (well not actually I do know where I'm going)
I'll be at Forest Home with the high schoolers for the week.

So this means no posts. Sorry.

I'll find some whitty and/or insighful things to say when I get back. If I have any cell reception I'll post via audioblogger.com.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Say hello to my abnormally large friend 

Just like in My Giant

It was so nice to sleep-in til kingdom come today. I got to do some much needed laundry. Especially since I'm leaving for the week. And I finally cleaned up my room, it's been since the beginning of may since I've moved into my mom's house and I really never finished unpacking, it was more of I put all my stuff in my room but not totally away. Now it looks like there is some semblance of organization and you can see the carpet!!!

After an afternoon and later night of cleaning I headed over to Jamie's house for GUY'S NIGHT.

NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well maybe some hot ones...wait no...NO GIRLS ALLOWED.

I got to cook for the boys. Shepherd's Pie was on the menu. It was quite delicious if I do say so myself and the other guys did note it as well. We watched some Top Gun on TV before changing to watch Scarface which I had never seen. But after the food I became slightly drowsy, and I slept through a small portion but I saw enough to get the jist. The movie is incredibly long enough that my small nap only omitted about 1/17th of the movie, the final climatic scene is a doosy, good job Mr. Stone.

On a side note: somehow I missed the release date of Simpson's Season 4. Though I had been checking throughout the previous months I advertently missed hearing about the release. It was while in Borders while looking for the DVDs of Band of Brothers (which I have taken a liking towards thanks to The History Channel which airs some of the episodes) I happen to look towards where the Simpson's DVDs are and noticed a shiny blue box, anomalous as one of the first 3 seasons of the show. Upon further inspection I read the words "the complete 4th season". Elation sprung up in my inner most being like a geyser waiting to release it's majesty.

So for the last few days I have increased my daily Simpson's viewing time to about 6 episodes a day!!!
Oh how I love that show, so intellectual.

Friday, June 25, 2004

hotter than ice 

going to see farenheit 9/11 today
you should do the same

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

the juice is loose 

I have officially put in my 2 weeks notice at Jamba Juice. As of July 6th I will no longer will be employed by the Juice. As much as I've enjoyed the long, hard, crappy hours, it's time to move on. I'm not exactly what I'll be doing next but I pretty much have to have a job by about the 19th of july, after jr and sr high camps I'll have to return to the work force.

Basically I don't have a new job at the moment, so if anyone out there knows where I can make between 9-14 bucks an hour I'd love to hear about it. It doesn't even have to be anything spectacular, I just want to work weekdays and 40 hours a week, I'm really tired of long nights and early mornings. I think I'd even settle for data input at this point. A low stress easy going job where it feels like I've gotten something done at the end of the day.

If you have any ideas please let me know. I just don't want to sell anything.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

taking a holiday...someday...perhaps to jolly old england 

I was listening to the radio today and over the course of the day I heard the word "hiatus" several times today and being somewhat of an intelligent guy I began thinking about what the proper definition of the word could be. After a bit of slightly painful thinking, I decided to apply the word in context that I had heard it. Most references were to either shows, like "___ show is on hiatus until next season", or "this band is finally back from a hiatus", a bit of contemplation I understood a hiatus to be a prolonged time of departure, sometimes a set length of time or other times a disappearance then a sudden reappearance (often times after most had forgotten about). And I began thinking that a hiatus could almost be equated to a vacation or holiday (if you speak english (the across the pond kind of english)) in the general common usage of the term. Then I returned home after a day of work and used the mighty power of the INTERNET to accurately look up the definition of the word hiatus.

And the actual definition: 1 A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break
2 A separation, aperture, fissure, or short passage in an organ or body part.

In all actuality I guess the usage of hiatus for the off season of taping for a tv show is correct, but against the actual definition, the common usage does not seem as accurate. Tell me if you think differently.

But I do want to see more usage of hiatus when referring to the butt crack (see def 2). Well I guess it only really applies if the butt is considered 1 body part or 2. I want to hear more of "hey, your hiatus is showing", or "nice plumber hiatus".


(this actually took me about 25 min to do)


Friday, June 18, 2004

checking the email like strongbad 

so I have a new email address just because

thanks to Jenny Smith for pointing this one out

it is:

no I'm not kidding...really

go to www.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijk.com

Thursday, June 17, 2004

running like a criminal 

Last night:

8th grade send off at SURGE - quite a blast, sad: to see so many of them go, shocked: that they are all grown up so fast, proud: because I have been able to be a part of their lives over the last few years, and relieved: since I get to hang out with them at JIVE (high school group).

Frisbee - a great game, although we lost, we played as a decent team. I had some amazing bids (selling out, or diving to catch the frisbee) which caught attention from both my team and the other team. Unfortunately as I threw my body across the field I did sustain some minor damage. I happened to land on my right knee a few times and my right hand. Which resulted in some tenderness and soreness today. Since they are minor injuries I hope to recover by next week so that I may possibly injure myself again.

UNDIE RUN - most likely over 1000 people showed up for the 7th annual (well actually quarterly, but annual sounds better) undie run at UCLA. A tradition that is replacing the Midnight yell, which is where students would on the weds of finals week yell to relieve stress, but that tradition soon moved towards riotous events including burning of couches and water balloons and raging parties. As an alternative a friend of my friends Mark and Kevin, started the Undie Run. A legal controlled event that allowed students to relieve stress without being destructive. Students (initially only male) run down the street in only their underwear yelling. This event has progressed to have the endorsement of the local police who assist in crowd control and even blocking off the route we run on. The numbers grow and grow as the quarters pass, being a inclusive event even the women have started showing up in larger and larger numbers. Costumes are donned and style is almost as prevalent as a fashion show. Males in bikini briefs and women sporting elegant lingerie.

Last undie run I sported boxers and a scarf and beanie. Much liked by other participants with included two gentlemen dressed as a cow and chicken, not exactly underwear but amusing enough. Thinking about this year I wanted to raise the steaks and do something a little more extravagant. I went with a updated version of the barrel on straps and put together a box on strings, which was gladly donated by Amy who happened to have an spare box just lying around waiting to be used. The best part of the ensemble is that I know that everyone who participated in the run saw my outfit. For the reason that I was helping Kevin announce from a balcony over looking the street.

All in all a great evening.
(I did wake up pretty tired though)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Mike Tyson and Billy Blanks beat me up on the school yard 

brought to you by audioblogger.com

The Hobo-blogger strikes back 

As if nothing else could possibly go wrong with my whole internet situation...well nothing with the actual internet...but this time it's my freaking computer!!!!
I'm not exactly sure what happened but all of a sudden it won't boot properly and everything I have tried seems not to do anything but cause me pain and anguish. Does this mean I can sue Microsoft for punitive damages?? Anyhoo, I hope that explains the lack of regularity in the posts once again.

On another news front, my new Jamba juice store opens tomorrow and it's a pretty exciting time. If you happen to read this before 7pm tonight then feel free to stop in between 5 and 7 for our family and friends night and have a free smoothie on us. We are located in Simi valley. Get off the 118 going west from the san fernando valley at Tapo Canyon Rd and take a right. Head to the 1st major intersection (you'll see the Boarders sign) and take a right then an immediate left into the shopping center and we are right next to coffee bean.

Life has been a bit slower since transferring to this new store, granted I'm not making quite as much because I'm not working 50 hours a week but my body is thanking me for numerous days off in the last week and the less stressful days. I really haven't become accustomed to the new found freedom quite yet, but I do feel a sense of release that is nice compared to the constant stream of work and tiredness. As for how much longer I'll continue to live the Jamba life is somewhat questionable. I'm starting to look for other work. So if you know of anywhere that would like to give me 10-13 dollars and hour and at 40 hours a week and is somewhat close to the valley I'm sure I'd like to hear about it. Just drop a line in the comments.

Well I'm off to the rat races. Enjoy your day and if you have time stop by Balboa park wed night for my frisbee game. See laout.org for directions.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Bee and Me 

Frisbee fever has hit. My thoughts are consumed with wanting to suddenly leap into the air moving my body into a parallel line with the earth in a feeble attempt to catch a flying disk right out of my reach, in hopes of glory and praise from total and complete strangers.

Yes, Frisbee is in the air.

Already only one game into the season (track our progress at laout.org and we are team kelly green, go to the summer league page) and I know the summer will be filled with warm nights out on the field running and panting in the So Cal smog filled nights. Oh bliss.

It's interesting that such a simple past time like throwing a flying disc in the park can be turned into a fairly complex (see the 10th edition rules for more information)game. Let me tell you as in all sports there are those "hard core" people who really get a bit too into the game. Especially since all of our games don't have refs, and the players call all the shots. It has become heated in the past.

On a totally unrelated side note this week marks the quarterly "UNDIE RUN" at UCLA marking the end of the quarter. Although I have never attended UCLA nor really ever intend on doing so. I have been caught up in this tradition of running down the street at midnight the Wednesday of finals week wearing nothing but one's underwear. Really quite a hoot. See this for more information. (the article is a little old but you get the gist) Oh, and that's my friend Mark Chipello...his mom's so proud.

I apologize that the posts have been a bit irregular. As aforementioned the internet situation was a bit of a hindrance. But all issues have been resolved and I plan on enlightening more and more of you as the days go by. That is if my hits get above 4 a day...seriously what the...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

hobo-blogger from the road...again!!! 

I bought a brand new wireless router for my mom's house so that I could utilize the cable internet she got. This was monday evening. After a bit of hassle and heroism from Matt, it worked. Then tuesday at 7am rolled around.


A HUGE power surge in the lower northridge area. Not only did it knock out power but it DESTROYED my cable modem and router...which by the way were plugged into power strips with surge protectors. This power surge was even big enough to blow out the single surge protector that the microwave was plugged into, it left black streaks up the wall. CRAZY. It even took out the power supply on my mom's computer, luckily my laptop was spared. Phew~!!!!

So now I have to go and see if I can return the router and then go over to the cable company and get a new modem.

On the bright side, tonight was the first frisbee game of the season, how glorious it was to be back out on the field. I scored one point and had some good looking bids (frisbee lingo for selling out or in layman's terms diving to catch a frisbee) although we lost it was a great time. I'm sore. And another huge highlight, the beef jerky came out pretty well. I'm getting some rave reviews. I still need to hone my technique but tis an art the beef jerky making. Just like fine wines or hand crafted beer. Mmmm.....Beer!!!

Anyhoo. Hopefully I'll get the home internet situation back on line by the end of the week.

Have a great week and may your lives be blessed with the graces of God daily.

Monday, June 07, 2004

the jerk-store called and they're running out of you 

Finally, finally I got around to making my beef jerky. Matt and I cooked some up last night and just now I sampled a little bit to see if it was done. I figure by morning it will be completely done and ready to eat. How exciting. Jerky in 36 hours.

On a side note, since I had goten over ambitious about the whole project and went out and bought meat before I even had a dehydrator, when I went to make the jerky last night I opened the package and the meat was bad. What a bummer. That was butcher quality meat that was a little bit expensice and so I ended up having to run down to the store and pick up a new roast. THe fun part was that I got to play butcher and cut my own meat into little pieces.

It's good to have constatnt acess to the internet again so that I can make sure that I am posting on a regular basis.

I'll let you know how the jerk comes out.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

comming back like Jesus 

I get internet on Sat so posts should be more regular after that.

As for yesterday, it was pretty much the WORSE day ever at work. I almost cried.

Countdown until I go to Simi: 5 days.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

hobo-bloging from the phonebooth 

Well not actually a phone booth, but John, Bill, Justin and Andrew's apartment.

If you haven't heard this past weekend I moved out of my house and back to my mom's house. Not my favorite thing to do. But for now it's probably the best move for me. Ha ha punny.

As such being, my blogging frequency will be a bit less since the computer is in my mom's room and I don't have any dial up on this machine. And I usually blog in the wee hours of the morning, I'm sure my mom doesn't want me in her room tap tap tapping away at like 3am. On thurs I will be calling to get the house set up with a cable modem, but actual usage will still probably be at least a week or two from then, being that cable companies are notorious in being slow to set up services.

Following up on the beef jerky/dehydrator post. My mom's boyfriend so kindly loaned my a dehydrator that I plan on using quite soon to prepare some jerk. Although not the Ronco model. This one will actually probably be better seeing as how it has a circulating fan whereas the Ronco one doesn't.

Work is work, I have put in over 60 hours in the last 7 days and I believe that once I finally get a full day off that I will have worked 20 days in a row give or take 3 or 4 days...I've lost count as one might imagine.

The good thing is that I have 1 week left at my current store before I get to head out to the new store in Simi Valley. I'm pretty excited about that.

Well I need to pay bills since I have the use of a computer but I will try and post more regularly. My apologies to Jeni Borin about being a hobo-blogger. You were very right to call me one.


PS on a side note please note the effectiveness of the use of "hobo-blogger" in calling one's attention to not posting and the immediate effect.