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Friday, November 28, 2008

feasting on hunger pt 2 

pt 1

Feasting on hunger was quite an experience. I am very glad that I embarked on this experience. It was humbling and different. I am glad that I got to serve others and give to worthy causes, but most importantly I am glad people took interest in what I was doing.

Granted there were a number of people who couldn't wrap their minds around the fact that I wasn't doing anything (read eating) on Thanksgiving. There was even one conversation where I was repeatedly invited over to their house, and I had to keep explaining that it wasn't that I didn't have invitations to other places but it was a conscious choice not to be places where people were eating.

I won't lie and say it wasn't a bit lonely. Not in the sense that I didn't see people, but more in the sense that once I got home I wish that there were a person or two around me, just to spend time with and reflect on what our day was about, who were also fasting.

The day was spent deep in thought and prayer for those who are constantly in hunger and in need. I enjoyed the fact that my mind was on others instead of being consumed by trying to get ready for an event or a meal. I got to sleep in late and enjoy my day. The pressure of having to be places or the worry about what I was going to or not going to eat wasn't there. A simple peace followed me through my day.

I broke my fast with a simple dinner of salad, bread and some grilled zucchini, though I woke up today with an upset stomach. I'm trying not to so easily slip back into the desire to eat lots and feel like a glutton, hopefully I can contain myself.

I think the best part of the experience was being able to have conversations with people and having them start to think about what our holiday symbolizes. Starting with something as radical as not eating on Thanksgiving is a great way into discussions about over consumption and hunger around the world, and ultimately into a conversation about, at least how I think Jesus would act. The greatest sense of pride I got from the day was from a few people who really started to think about possibly doing the same next year along with me. Like I have stated previously, this decision took me years to come to putting into practice. I didn't expect people to be jumping on the band wagon in boat loads, but to know that I got people thinking was a good thing.

This year was an experiment, and I'll most likely do it again next year. I will try to think of way to expand my effort and to think of new and creative ways to serve those in need and to address the notion of hunger and a Jesus way of living.

Thank you for your prayers and support. A feasting on hunger filled me more than any food could.

I'll leave you with my prayer that I posted on twitter (mind you I only had 140 characters) slightly after midnight.
god thank you for who you are, please bless those who have less, and urge me to give more, thank you for the life abundance i have - amen

Monday, November 24, 2008


Last year in an effort to appease all those who kept griping about the fact that my profile picture (to this day) remains the same. I embarked on a journey to photograph myself once a day for the month of dec. The results can be found here.

This year I've decided to do it again. Hopefully with more "people of the day" and some more exciting locations.

Stay tuned for the Dec Picture Project.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

ghetto 111 

Monday, November 17, 2008

vlog 29 

Umm so I decided to split a $73.50 cup of coffee. I vlogged my experience, take a look.

vlog 29
brought to you by seesmic.com

The coffeehouse is called The Funnel Mill 930 Broadway Santa Monica CA 90401

We also livestreamed it over at qik.com here

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

feasting on hunger 

I've been toying with this thought/idea for a few years now and I thought it finally time to implement.

With thanksgiving just around the corner, it always seems to me that we are doing something wrong.

While I understand this holiday is presented under the guise of being thankful for what we have, it seems that too often we neglect or only mention in passing what others do not have.

On a day where gluttony abounds and budgets are disregarded, we too easily forget about those who have none. Yes we see people who go down to shelters to serve and to give. I have to stop myself and wonder how many of those then go home to a nice dinner in their homes and think not of the people whom they just served.

Yes, I may sound a little condescending right now. The point I want to make is that I am giving up my luxury.

The decision that I have decided on is that I am FASTING for thanksgiving. Along with the service component.

While I may be eluding the community/family aspect that comes along with the holiday (sorry mom) I have felt strongly about this for a while and feel a desperate need to acknowledge the fact that too many people in our world, our country and our city do not have enough to eat or to places to live.

I am inspired by Christ in this decision and by the fact that scripture calls us to care for others.

I guess an alternative would be to have people over to my house for the meal, who wouldn't necessarily have access to those resources. In a way, I want to go further than that. I'd rather not spend any money, and maybe even give what I would have spent to feed others.

I'm not even sure if I can fully articulate how much this has been weighing on my heart recently. I hope to spend some of the day in silence and thought and prayer for those who hunger and thirst.

I'm extending an offer for you to join me in feasting on hunger this thanksgiving. Please spread the word and leave your thoughts and comments. If you would like to come and serve with me on thanksgiving I will be making plans shortly.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I found this appropriate on today election day.

My new friend Tanja Barnes asked me the question "What do you vote for?" Not who or why you vote, but what...

Here's my answer.


What do you vote for? Leave answers in comments.

we have a wiiinnnnneeeerrrr!!!!! 

These last 18 hrs has been quite a ride.

Most of it work, but the kind of work that I LOVE doing.

We headed down to cover a midnight launch of a game. The new 007 Quantum of Solace game. We had heard about the event less than 12 hours before it was to happen, and got in contact with the PR people. Peanuts as to what happened next. We show up for the event. We knew they were going to be demoing the game before it was on sale. There was even an Aston Martin parked in the space where the event was being held. Co-sponored by Coke Zero and whatnot.

We talked to the PR guys, did some hobbnobbing and some "work" type stuff. Then we stayed around because they were doing prize drawings. While we are technically considered "press" there was nothing stopping us from participating in the giveaway stuff, we were even encouraged to by the PR guys.

On the list of things being given away were a $2,500 gift card to Best Buy, a huge tv of some large dimensions, games, bond dvds, PS3s, but sadly no Aston Martin.

There was even a "tournament" that was going to take place between players, playing the multiplayer of the game.

We ended up meeting up with the Coin-Op TV folks, the Girls Got Game crew, and the GEN (Girls Entertainment Network) crew. We were a little press bunch.

Well drawing time came around. And one of our other friends (not associated with gaming) ended up winning a 5 pack Blue Ray dvd set of bond films.

I ended up signing up for the game tournament, shortly after being told by Mike that they couldn't get the multiplayer up and running and were just going to raffle off the 3 PS3s they had as prizes.

The raffle came around for only those who had signed up for the tournament, which I think was around 15 people. The first person to win was one of our acquaintances from GEN, and low and behold I won the 2nd PS3 and some other person won the 3rd one. The press crew was cleaning up.

It didn't stop there, we also won a 2nd set of Blue Ray dvds.

While we didn't round it out with a game to play on our new PS3s or a TV to play them on. It was a fun event nonetheless.

But wait it doesn't stop there.

As we were about to leave the event one of us got a text message about yet another videogame. Gears of War 2. Mind you, the release date for this game is 7/11/08. Over 72 hours from when we received the text.

The text said that a friend had been into a 7-11 and purchased a copy of the game. BEFORE it was to be released.

This sent our little crew into a frenzy. We had time and determination and a long drive home, someone, somewhere a 7-11 was going to have a copy of this game and not realize that they weren't supposed to sell it until Friday at 12a.

Stores 1-4 = Bust.

Stores 5&6 = SCORE!!!!

We now have in our possession copies of a game that comes out on Friday.

It was a fun night. I'm typing this up as we get ready to open our copy and play.

We're going to post some pictures to Digg.com so I'll post that link when it's live and you should go and digg it for us.

These are the nights where I am COMPLETELY thankful there is no wife waiting at home for me, and I don't have to be up early to be at work, since more or less it WAS work.

Hope you enjoyed the recanting of my adventure.

We'll be at the midnight launch event for Gears of War 2 as well this week. But something tells me it won't be quite as special.

If you want Gears of War 2 and can't wait til 11/7/08 try your local 7-11.

please Digg our story http://digg.com/xbox/Get_Gears_of_War_2_NOW_3_days_early_w_pics_Guess_where